Nanda Inn
A Safe Family Boutique Eco Wild Home Stay in the Lap of the Himalayas.
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About Us

My parents, lived in Sunil (Nanda Devi Sanctuary Buffer Zone) located in Auli Road Joshimath town for over years. They grew Apples trees, wheat, potatoes, oats, and a vast range of vegetables from ordinary cauliflower to exotic artichokes and asparagus. Thye have develop One of the best Eco Garden in town at Nanda Yog Ashram. They had best wild dogs and lived a life of simplicity and sophistication, receiving friends and visitors from all over the world and from all walks of and stations in life, who loved Joshimath Auli and the company of my extraordinary parents.

I grew up on a fully working farm and learnt to milk cows and harvest apples before I could read and write, and was educated by my parents at home in my early years. Growing up with village children of the staff for company made me fluent in the language and culture of the region and after completing my formal education at Rishikesh. I returned to my beloved Joshimath and proceeded to work hard to develop the Joshimath area & Auli as mush as i can from my end.

After prolonged battles with local politicians and people with vested interests. I subsequently founded an NGO, the Himalayan Adventure Social Development Community , which today runs social work, eco treks and a state of the art secondary health care hospital for the people of Garhwal, Joshimath Women Weavers. I am opening my family home as Nanda Yog Ashram to invite people with a love of the Himalayas, nature, and a willingness to experience life as my parents and those before them lived in Joshimath Auli, and to open up my home for discerning people to enjoy and to return to time and again. With my social commitments for the next 20 years, it will not be possible for me to take care of it much as yet i have own overseas Adventure Company : Adventure Trekking Pvt. Ltd Nederland and Partner with Amara Adventures bases in USA and meanwhile if sharing my home can pay for its upkeep and maintenance as well as take care of the staff and their families, what better way would there be to carry forward the legacy of my parents? Besides, a percentage of the revenues will be given to social causes like healthcare and women's empowerment and also to the maintenance and conservation of Buzzer Area of Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

We have a range of activities like hikes and birdwatching in the huge Dense Forest, camping, horse riding, mountain biking, and day treks inside the outter Nanda Devi Sanctuary as well as visits to nearby places of interest like Tapovan, Kalpeshwar, Bhavisha Badri, Badrinath, Mana, Lata, Niti Pass, Auli. Visits to village homes can also be arranged. However, the breathtaking surroundings and the luxuries of old world comforts and home grown, home cooked food will make it hard for guests to move out.

Walks in Nandadevi Sanctuary and outter Sanctuary ranging from easy strolls to day treks with picnic lunches.
Horse riding along the old lord curzon trails in the Outter Sanctuary, from a couple of hours to full day excursions.
Birdwatching and wildlife spotting, especially at dawn and dusk when the animals are most active.
Overnight camping in the forest, mountain biking on cycles.
Painting (easels, paints, paper and brushes will be provided).
Participating in the farm activities (animals, crops, vegetable gardens ) and cooking.
A well stocked library and a wide choice of movies, cable TV, internet.
Children's activities include making tree houses and hideouts, rock climbing, exploring the forest, outdoor and mountain biking.
Excursions combining treks of 10 to 12 kms with drives to the temple town of Jageshwar - stone temples dedicated to Shiva from the 9th century, located in a historic deodar forest and / or the cave temples dedicated to local deities.
Excursions to Joshimath Lata visit the Nanda Devi temple , revered local diety, and a production unit of organic personal care and food products run by women.

Nanda Eco Yog Ashram is the ideal destination accommodation for solo / couples / families and those who are looking for Complete rejuvenation. Adventure, Yoga, Mediation, Ayurveda massages Nature walks are at their best at the retreat.

Being the most happening camp, Nature walks, Jungle treks, mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, Kayaking & wild life trips are few of the many activities one can take.

Nanda Inn Yog Ashram is now running Yoga class on demand, Transport arrangemet from all par of India, Adventure Treks Camps arrangement, Wild Life Trip and Cultural Trips towards the Buzze Zone of Nandadevi. Come and be a Part of this Lovely Experience with Nanda Inn Team....!!